Harry Lim Photography



Photography for

Architects & Builders

With over 10 years of experience shooting buildings and interiors, I know that attention to detail and a carefully considered composition make all the difference when it comes to architectural photography. 


What to expect

Before I begin shooting, I nail down all of the details to make sure your work is represented in the best way possible. I begin each assignment by scouting the location and making sure I have a clear understanding of your vision. This includes discussing specific areas to shoot and getting your approval on the compositions. Then I factor in the details, like the weather and the best time to shoot based on the angle of the sun. Once I’ve taken the photos, I’ll edit and deliver them to you via Dropbox.


Your investment includes my day rate, image post-processing fee and a licensing fee. I also offer a cost-sharing model if other parties are interested in using the photos.

Harry has a unique ability to bring the “still” to life. In his photo composition, he has consistently demonstrated a truly creative and precise eye in his proficiency at combining lighting, angles, colors, etc. to make images “POP!” Every shot tells an exquisite, exclusive story that is far beyond a thousand words.
— Derek Hudson